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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Regester Free Virtual DJ 7

Virtual DJ 7 is one of the biggest software packages in the DJ world. This software allows DJs to mix and scratch digitized songs from their computer like they would on a vinyl record. Virtual DJ allows their users to pack thousands of songs into their digital music repertoire, but some
features, such as saving mixes some effects, might not be available to you unless you register the software with the company.
Steps to install & regester.

For download Click Here
1. Install the programme as normal, once completed DO NOT RUN

2. Open windows firewall and go to the advanced tab.

3. Create a inbound rule, point it to virtual dj, and block it from accessing the internet.

4. Create a outbound rule, point it to virtual dj and block it from accessing the internet.

5. Close windows firewall and run Virtual DJ, If you get a protection warning error and
   the programme quits, you have not completed step 3 & 4 correctly.




The serieal number has already been blocked by VirtualDJ, and will not run if the programme
has access to the internet, You can not use this number on the virtualdj website.

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